Thursday, November 6, 2008

Know Me. Understand Me. See Me.

This week was as exhilarating as it was disappointing. Truly it was amazing to not only see Obama win, but to also hear him mention gays in his acceptance speech. Yet, one cannot help but feel saddened by the harsh set backs the gay community has suffered this same week.

The majority is choosing what is right for the minority and that is profoundly wrong.

From the myriad of voices trying to define marriage between only a man and a woman one cannot help but feel the abject anger, fear, and loathing coming behind the words. It makes you wonder if any of these people know anyone from the GLBTQ community on a truly personal level. We are not scary; we are not the enemy. If only they could know us, see how similar we are, understand that our love is no less, and comprehend that we are not other, not separate-but-equal, or merely to be tolerated. Because, if they knew us, if they could see through our eyes, then maybe they would begin to perceive what it is to hold your head high and with dignity declare that you expect and deserve equality. Maybe we could finally achieve that.

This blog has been created for you to share your voice, your views, and your stories in hopes that those who seek to oppress inherent rights can begin to know and understand that we are all individuals with stories, with families, with lives, and with love.